QUA-VAC MDQ automated dosing system

Qua-Vac designed a unique dosing system for vacuum pipe lines to remove or prevent clogging caused by organic materials such as limestone. The system requires only a standard electrical plug connection and works fully automatic. Fluids are dosed into the pipe lines by using the vacuum. These two non-toxic and biologically degradable fluids either remove or prevent (depending on which fluid is used) blockages of an organic nature. This means our one systems is suitable for old installations as well as new builds. The system is cost friendly and requires, besides refilling the fluid containers now and then, no maintenance. For detailed information please contact our sales department.

Grease separators

Grease is normally very harmful in piping and grey water holding tanks, causing deposits and unpleasant odours.  It also causes problems in sewage treatment plants.  Grease can be separated from water with a grease separator.
Evac grease separators are designed to separate grease from galley waste water in marine use.  The Evac grease separator product range consists of three product families:

  • Standard grease separators, constructed according to DIN 4040-1 with some marine modifications
  • Grease separator systems
  • Grease separators for vacuum systems

Automation Systems

We offer automation systems for the management and control of the waste water process on board.  Automation systems are available for all types of ships, from small yachts to cruise vessels.
Automation systems are centred on a master unit which automatically controls the whole on-board waste water process.  The complete systems include collecting units, holding tanks, sewage treatment plants and an overboard discharge system.
Automated waste water systems can easily be interfaced with the ship’s main automation system.


Design of our traditional bidet is the same as the design of the Evac Prestige 910 wall model toilet. To meet the uniformity of the bathroom, the mixer can be chosen from a range of traditional mixers.  The bidet is connected to the vacuum system with a vacuum interface valve.  It is available as both floor or wall model. e


Two popular urinals are available both featuring a timeless design: the auto-flushing Flurinal and a urinal featuring an ordinary hit-and-flush valve.  Both are also available in stainless steel for navy purposes. These urinals are connected to the vacuum system with a vacuum interface valve. Also available is the vacuum urinal which is equipped with the proven Evac toilet mechanism and can therefore be connected directly to the vacuum main line.