QUA-VAC is a globally orientated company that designs, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly vacuum wastewater collection and treatment systems for the rural sewage-, building- and marine industries. 50 years of experience in vacuum sewage technology, skilled personnel, professional design and high-quality technical solutions have facilitated continuous growth of knowledge and market share.

For the marine industry QUA-VAC is the official and exclusive EVAC Oy representative for the Benelux countries. Evac Oy from Finland is the worldwide market leader for marine waste water management systems. Complete collection and treatment systems, either by standard EVAC configuration or fully custom developed by QUA-VAC, are designed, produced and erected from our head office in Almere, The Netherlands.

Our land based vacuum sewage collection system carries the world wide renowned name Vacuflow. Buildings, airports, marinas and complete rural sewage networks are calculated, designed and equipped with our Vacuflow pump stations, pipe lines, buffer pots and valves.
Three QUA-VAC companies and representatives in more than 30 countries are responsible for the Vacuflow business worldwide.

QUA-VAC companies have certified ISO 9001:2008 quality systems. Our premises are located in Almere / The Netherlands, Munster / Germany and Budapest / Hungary.

Our company and our EVAC / Vacuflow quality products are widely renowned throughout the market with organizations such as the larger Dutch shipbuilders, The Royal Dutch Navy and worldwide contractors, engineers, architects and municipal governments.


QUA-VAC shows concern about the environment in general and the impact of our products and solutions.
We are ISO 9001 certified and follow the requirements in our everyday operations.
Our processes and the QUA-VAC / Evac products we market have been designed to contribute to a better environment and cleaner seas. Effluents from our systems that are discharged to sea meet or exceed the IMO MEPC.159(55) rules.
The hygienic vacuum toilet systems work together with a treatment plant to effectively save water and prevent pollution to seas and coastal waters.
The water consumption of the Evac vacuum toilet is only 1.2 litres per flush, while the corresponding figure for a gravity toilet is 6 litres.
Our advanced wastewater treatment solution is a reliable process which treats wastewater streams effectively enough to meet the most stringent effluent regulations and standards everywhere in the world.  All our technologies also remain risk-free and economical throughout the lifetime of the ship.
Our environmentally responsible Vacuflow vacuum sewerage system offers recyclable raw materials,
low implementation costs and minimal energy consumption /  maintenance.