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System upgrade for Kurnell Sydney

Heavy weather in 2013 has significantly impacted the vacuum sewer system in Kurnell, Sydney, Australia.

Following a review, Sydney water started work on “quick corrective actions” and contacted  a specialist company, Qua-vac B.V., The Netherlands. Based on the request, Qua-vac B.V., organized a demo unit free of cost to Sydney Water to convince the quality of the Qua-vac Vacuflow® products. Sydney Water tested the Qua-vac Demo unit in extreme situations.

One such test was to submerge the Qua-vac equipment till the top of the chamber which resulted in extraordinary performance of Qua-vac float controller under deep flooding conditions.

Accordingly, Sydney Water decided to use the Qua-vac equipment to upgrade the complete Kurnell Vacuum sewer system to use the reliable and robust Qua-vac Vacuflow Float controllers.

Fo Qua-vac B.V., the project involves in delivery of 430 Qua-vac Vacuflow Equipment. It is a merit that Sydney water reposed faith on Qua-vac Vacuflow vacuum system and engaged its services to overcome the current sanitation issues and have permanent solution to the public.