Øster Hurup – summerhouses at Denmark

Øster Hurup is a small town located in the Municipality Mariagerfjord, famous for the beautiful summerhouses (Sommerhus in Danish), therefore in summer time the population multiplies because of the variety of summerhouses and/or camping sites.

Qua-vac has signed the contract with Mariagerfjord Vand A/S to deliver the Vacuflow vacuum sewer system for more than 500 summerhouses. The Vacuflow vacuum sewer system was in competition with the pressure system but after careful evaluations by the consultant Orbicon the end result was clearly in the benefit of the Vacuflow vacuum sewer system.

Together with the client, main contractor and Orbicon, Qua-vac will give Øster Hurup inhabitants a vacuum sewage system which will replace all the existing septic tanks. All in a very short time frame of only 6 months the project should be up and running.

The contract was signed by Mr. Søren Erikstrup the director of Mariagerfjord Vand A/S and Mr. Ivar Quatfass Managing Director of Quavac BV in a nice atmosphere.