Qua-vac entering Latin America & US

Qua-vac entering Latin American countries and the United States.

Qua-vac has been awarded several important projects in Latin America and the United States to upgrade existing vacuum sewer systems using outdated differential air controllers, dual chamber pots and external air intakes.

Local Governments that own and operate several outdated vacuum sewer systems will receive our Vacuflow valve pit packages to significantly reduce their maintenance and operational costs and make them efficient and much easier to operate.

Vacuum stations are also being updated by being redesign using Vacuflow technology and upgraded with state of the art, vacuum pumps and control panels.

Qua-vac has made this possible with their partner Viatek Corp in Latin American Countries and the United States. 

Why the need to upgrade – There are many operational reasons why local governments are upgrading their municipal vacuum sewer systems to our Vacuflow technology. Outdated “dual chamber” valve pit packages using differential air controllers, external air intakes and interface vacuum valves that allow sewerage to enter in contact with its membrane, regularly fail causing sewage to spill on sidewalks and street causing serious environmental and health problems.

The Vacuflow equipment is robust, easy to install, FULLY submersible, and does not require any breather pipes to function. The Vacuflow equipment uses a float activator and starter valve to activate, it is easy to clean and it is maintenance friendly.

These are big improvement compared to the outdated competitor equipment. There are many more projects going to be upgraded by Qua-vac in the United States and other Latin American countries. For more information, please contact us.