Vacuflow at Kemphaan Almere

Over a period of 40 years, the city estate De Kemphaan has grown to become one of the most popular nature areas of The Netherlands. Initially, the estate served as a training and information centre about Dutch nature and agriculture. With time passing, various nature related initiatives have joined and were added to the estate. Today you can greatly enjoy nature here, besides other by following hiking or cycling routes. Or, by visiting the animal shelter for apes and other exotic animals. Also, a great variety of interesting events are organized here, all nature related, too. Such as the Africa day, the star watching days or each Saturday, a farmer’s market with wonderful organic products.
In 2016, the city estate De Kemphaan has achieved another mile stone by adopting an environmentally friendly waste water collection system using vacuum technology which helps avoiding ground water pollution in the estate and easy future expansion.

The service provider is Qua-vac, from the city of Almere in association with Vaculin, which helps automated controlling of the waste water collection and discharging stations.

The city estate De Kemphaan has engaged Qua-vac to provide complete maintenance of the waste water collection and discharge system for the next 15 years.

Please see the documentary on youtube: Kemphaan