Vacuflow & Vaculink management at Vejle Denmark

Vejle – Denmark

The town Vejle in Denmark, in the southeast of the Jutland Peninsula will get the state of the art Vacuflow vacuum sewer system in the centre of the town.

Vejle Spildevand together with Kruger, the consultant, have chosen the Vacuflow vacuum sewer system above the pressure system due to the environmental aspects, most cost effective solution but also the speedy installation possibilities with less disturbance for the surrounding area.

The Vacuflow vacuum sewer system will replace the existing gravity sewer in the downtown area, the vacuum sewage mainlines will be located above the gravity sewer system. Since the vacuum sewer pipes are above the gravity sewer, the existing gravity sewer system will remain and can be used as a separate system for storm water. All the vacuum sewer collection chambers will have the Vaculink monitoring system so the operator can monitor each vacuum sewer collection chamber from any place in the world by internet.

Many other areas are suitable which do not have two separate systems, one for the stormwater and one for the sewer system where the Vacuflow sewer system is in many places the best possible solution. Many studies have been made by several consultants to adopt the same philosophy to have with minimal costs two separate system by using the vacuum sewer system.