QUA-VAC B.V. privacy statement

QUA-VAC B.V. processes personal data in certain situations. QUA-VAC wants to use this
privacy statement to explain which personal data it collects and processes and for which purpose
it does this.


This privacy statement is in effect for the private limited company QUA-VAC B.V., CoC
39063213, established and with offices in (1322 BH) Almere at Televisieweg 157.

Which personal data are processed by QUA-VAC B.V.?

QUA-VAC B.V. acquires and processes your general personal data if you make use of its services
or if you provide your personal data to QUA-VAC B.V. yourself. The performance of our work
requires the processing of personal data in certain situations to be able to be of service to you.
The personal data processed by QUA-VAC B.V. are your first and last name, your address
details, your email address, and your telephone number.

Purposes of the processing

QUA-VAC B.V. uses and processes general personal data for the following purposes:

  • Contacting you after you have placed an order;
  • Contacting you after you have used the ‘contact form’ on the www.quavac.com website;
  • Processing a placed order;
  • Processing payments;
  • Delivering ordered products and installing these at your location;
  • Marketing and communication activities;
  • Recruitment and selection (job applications).

QUA-VAC B.V. receives the contact details (general personal data) and any other information
about the customer, in which respect it only processes the information provided by data subjects
in contact forms, letters, email, telephone conversations, or at a location if this is relevant to the
proper performance of the work it must perform, for the services it must provide, or for other
purposes as set out above.

QUA-VAC B.V. will never ask for special personal data (such as belief, origin, or political
preference). These data are not necessary for the services QUA-VAC B.V. provides to its

However, if QUA-VAC B.V. receives special personal data from its customers or data subjects, it
will not process these data and destroy them where necessary.

Statutory grounds for the processing of personal data

QUA-VAC B.V. processes personal data based on the following grounds, as referred to in Article
6 of the GDPR:

  • Execution of the agreement to which the data subject is a party;
  • Statutory obligation to which QUA-VAC B.V. is subject;
  • Permission obtained from the data subject(s);
  • Legitimate interest.

An agreement is concluded when a (potential) customer or data subject contacts QUA-VAC B.V.
because he or she wishes to make use of the services provided by QUA-VAC B.V


If QUA-VAC B.V. processes personal data based on the permission granted by a customer or
data subject, this customer or data subject can revoke his or her permission at any time. To this
end, QUA-VAC B.V. can be contacted using the contact details below.

QUA-VAC B.V. as the processor of personal data

QUA-VAC B.V. receives and processes general personal data of (potential) customers or data
subjects to be able to deliver and provide the requested products or services. Based on this,
QUA-VAC B.V. can be considered the ‘processor’ of personal data.


Customers and data subjects that contact and provide personal data to QUA-VAC B.V. must be
considered ‘controllers’.

QUA-VAC B.V. will ensure the proper processing of the general personal data it receives,
safeguarding the privacy of the customers and data subjects.


In certain situations, QUA-VAC B.V. may engage or cooperate with third parties for the
provision of its products and services to its customers. QUA-VAC B.V. may need to share the
personal data it has received with (other) subprocessors for the performance of its work. In these
situations, these third parties/subprocessors will use the personal data received from QUA-VAC
B.V. for the same purpose for which these were provided to QUA-VAC B.V. An example is a
third party performing work for the engagement to be executed, such as agencies.

QUA-VAC B.V. has various dealers, both in and outside of Europe. Its dealers are located in
Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Central America, Europe, and Oceania. In certain
situations, the personal data received from the customer may be shared with its dealers (and vice
versa) for the performance of its work.

The above third parties/subprocessors are responsible for compliance with the GDPR for the
continued processing of personal data. QUA-VAC B.V. expects these engaged third parties to
comply with applicable laws and regulations in the field of privacy and data processing. QUA-
VAC B.V. will not be liable for the handling of personal data by third parties.

If and insofar as there is a statutory obligation to do so, QUA-VAC B.V. will share personal data
with a third party, such as a supervisory authority or another public authority.

Duration of the retention of personal data

QUA-VAC B.V. will not keep the personal data provided to it any longer than necessary for the
purpose of the processing and never longer than required based on laws and regulations.

Data protection

QUA-VAC B.V. will take suitable security measures to secure the personal data obtained from
customers or data subjects. QUA-VAC B.V. will ensure that personal data do not unintentionally
end up at third parties and that nobody will have access to its systems and the personal data kept

Which rights do you, as a data subject, have?

If you wish to exercise one of your rights set out below, you can submit a request to QUA-VAC
B.V. using the contact details below.

Right to access

Based on the right to access, a customer or data subject can access the personal data provided by
him or her upon request. Based on this right, the customer or data subject may ask QUA-VAC
B.V. which personal data (concerning him or her) are in its possession.

Right to rectification

Based on the right to rectification, a customer or data subject can submit a request to QUA-VAC
B.V. to correct any inaccuracies in the personal data. This right can only be exercised in case of
errors in the data or in case of incompleteness. QUA-VAC B.V. will correct the data where
necessary after an assessment.

Right to removal

Based on the right to removal of data, a customer or data subject can request QUA-VAC B.V. to
remove his or her data. QUA-VAC B.V. will always process such a request with care and inform
its customer or data subject whether it can remove the personal data. If this is not possible,
QUA-VAC B.V. will state the reason.

Right to object

Based on the right to object, a customer or data subject can object to the processing of his or her
personal data in certain cases. Based on this right, a customer or data subject can, for example,
object to the use and processing of his or her personal data for direct marketing purposes.

If you have any questions or a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you can
contact our data protection official at info@quavac.com, stating ‘complaint’ as the subject. Our
data protection official supervises how QUA-VAC B.V. complies with the GDPR.

QUA-VAC B.V. always strives to respond to the customer or data subject within no more than
four weeks following the receipt of a request as referred to above. In this respect, QUA-VAC
B.V. has the right to ask the customer or data subject to provide a copy of a valid identity
document (with blocked picture and CSN) for verification purposes to ensure that it provides the
data in question to the right person. QUA-VAC B.V. will only handle requests related to the own
personal data of a customer or data subject.

A customer or data subject always has the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data
Protection Authority. The contact details of the Dutch Data Protection Authority are:

Phone no.: +31 70 888 8500
Website: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl
Mail: Dutch Data Protection Authority
Prins Clauslaan 60
P.O. Box 93374
2509 AJ The Hague

QUA-VAC B.V. website


QUA-VAC B.V. registers data about the use of its website, such as visitor numbers, the
behaviour of visitors of the website, the visited pages, and the properties of the web browsers
used. QUA-VAC B.V. can use these data to improve its website and adapt it to the wishes of the
visitors/users where necessary.

If you visit the QUA-VAC B.V. website, analytical cookies are placed on your device for Google
Analytics. By using the QUA-VAC B.V. website, you accept the fact that Google will process
your data in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

You can learn more about cookies and read how you can block or remove cookies on the website
of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

Contact form on www.quavac.com

Below the ‘contact’ heading on the QUA-VAC B.V. website, www.quavac.com, you can find a
contact form that requests personal data (name and company name, address details, email
address, and telephone number). These personal data will be kept in the secure environment of
QUA-VAC B.V. and forwarded to an employee of QUA-VAC B.V. who must process the
personal data.

The data will be used to follow up on a contact request. Besides the data you enter yourself, the
time, IP address, and page in question will be kept. This provides more context to the submitted
form and enables us to offer a more complete response to the engagement. It also allows us to
answer questions better and in a more targeted manner.


QUA-VAC B.V. processes personal data of job applicants and other persons who respond to
vacancies or demonstrate an interest in performing work for QUA-VAC B.V. in any other way,
or who enter into an employment relationship with QUA-VAC B.V., for example, by means of
an open application. QUA-VAC B.V. will process these personal data in accordance with its
privacy statement and with due observance of applicable privacy regulations (including the

QUA-VAC B.V. processes the data above in the capacity of controller. Besides the contact
details, QUA-VAC B.V. also processes data concerning the motivation and employment history
and the completed education programme(s) of the applicant in this context. The information
provided by the applicant will be used by QUA-VAC B.V. to contact the applicant. The data
referred to above will not be used and kept any longer by QUA-VAC B.V. than necessary for the
purpose of the processing.

Storage of personal data

Contact form:
Data submitted using the form on the web page of www.quavac.com will be kept in a secure
environment used by QUA-VAC B.V. These data will always be transmitted using a secure
connection. As a rule, the storage of the data will be for an indefinite period.


QUA-VAC B.V. uses the analytical cookies version of Google Analytics for the collection of
statistics. These statistics include personal or demographic data. QUA-VAC B.V. has concluded a
processor agreement with Google for the processing of the data. These data will always be
transmitted using a secure connection. The storage is handled by Google and takes place in the
EU or in the US subject to the American legal system. As a rule, this storage will be for an
indefinite period.

Amendments to this privacy statement

QUA-VAC B.V. will ensure that this privacy statement is up to date. QUA-VAC B.V. has the
right to amend the contents of this privacy statement at any time without prior notice.
Amendments will be published on the QUA-VAC B.V. website: www.quavac.com.

Questions & contact

If you have questions related to this privacy statement and/or the processing of your personal
data, or if you have a request as described above, you can contact QUA-VAC B.V. at
info@quavac.com or at the following telephone number: +31 (0)36 54 61 999.

This privacy statement of QUA-VAC B.V. was adopted on 4 November 2021