Vacuum toilets

Vacuum toilets have a different way of flushing than the regular toilets. A vacuum toilet system uses suction to remove black water with a maximum of 1,2 liters water. Evac OY, therefore, creates water reducing sewage systems to obtain a healthy environment. This system provides the same level of comfort as the traditional toilets but helps with saving costs. These types of money saving flush systems can be applicated in different kind of buildings and in the complete Marine division, like rivercruises and yachts for instance.

How does a vacuum toilet system work?

Our vacuum toilet system is a highly effective and efficient way to carefully safe water and therefore, we take care of an environmentally friendly sewerage disposal. The way it works is very simple and cheap, compared to the regular toilet systems. Once you flush, air is sucked into the toilet which makes the toilet vacuum. This results in 1,2 liters of water for the transport of black water.

Sustainable solution, happy environment

With everything we do and think of, we keep our environment in mind. How do specific changes affect the environment and what are the smart solutions that will optimize the outcome? With smart investment thinking, we create possibilities for the toilet system for a lower investment and a smaller impact on the area. This way we create a sustainable solution for a happy environment.

Vacuum toilet advantages

In addition to the benefits already discussed, there are other advantages that make it very attractive to choose a vacuum toilet. We name:

  • Very hygienic
  • Very convenient
  • Large water savings
  • Possible reuse of black water
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Simple to install, simple to maintain

More information about vacuum toilets?

Please cont act us Are you ready for an environmentally honest toilet? Get in touch with Qua-vac. For all your questions or wishes, please contact us through our contact form or call +31 (0)36 54 61 999 and we will respond as soon as we can with the service you can expect from us.