New vacuum sewer system in Velje, Denmark

Velje is one of the largest cities in Denmark and is committed to innovative architecture and embraces environmentally friendly practices. To handle the collection of wastewater a new sewer system had to be implemented. However, due to the restricted space in this specific location, the feasibility of installing a new sewer system was limited.


Velje is Denmark’s 9th largest city with almost 60.000 inhabitants. It’s located on the Jutland peninsula on the Vejlefjord. Vejle is also the capital of the administrative region of Syddanmark. Vejle’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in its innovative architecture and urban design. The city embraces environmentally friendly practices, making it a model for sustainable development.


In this particular location, there was not much space for a new sewer system. Next to this, a section of the existing sewer system was repurposed for the transportation of rainwater. A new sewer system had to be implemented to handle the collection of wastewater. Because of the flexibility and the small diameter mains of a vacuum sewer system, the challenges that are faced can be resolved. Next to this, one of the significant advantages of a vacuum sewer system, is the cost reduction associated with the installation and maintenance.


Qua-vac implemented the Vacuflow® system as a solution to collect wastewater separately from rainwater. Notably, the installation of the vacuum sewer took place above the pre-existing sewer infrastructure. The flexibility of the system allows for an efficient and effective solution, ensuring that rainwater and wastewater are appropriately managed.

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