Vacuum sewerage system in architectural Almere Duin

Almere Duin is a neighbourhood in Almere, a city in The Netherlands. The concept of Almere Duin focuses on sustainable building practices and energy-efficient technologies. The area is characterized by artificial sand dunes, which made the use of a traditional vacuum sewerage system impossible.


Almere Duin is an innovative area located in Almere, the Netherlands. It is a unique and ambitious initiative that aims to create a vibrant, eco-friendly, and forward-thinking community. The concept of Almere Duin centers around the idea of blending nature and urban living harmoniously. By taking advantage of the beautiful coastal landscape and combining it with sustainable building practices, energy-efficient technologies, and a strong focus on community engagement, Almere Duin strives to create a sustainable and attractive living environment.


The area is characterized by artificial sand dunes, forests, and waterfront. Almere Duin aims to take advantage of these natural assets while creating a sustainable and attractive living environment. Because of the architectural features of the Almere Duin area, a traditional vacuum sewer system is not possible. However, The Vacuflow® system offers several advantages that make it the best solution to address the challenges of Almere Duin and its demands.  The vacuum sewerage system doesn’t require deep trenches, uses small diameters, and provides great flexibility. Additionally,  it eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure and construction work, resulting in lower installation and maintenance costs.


By implementing the Vacuflow® system, Almere Duin can further enhance its commitment to creating a sustainable community for its residents. The system’s flexibility allows for easy integration with new residential areas and utilization of the existing vacuum sewer system. One example of such implementation is the residential area  Boomrijk, which has successfully adopted the Vacuflow® system.

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