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Top 3 civil engineering trends  

The Civil engineering market continues to adapt and improve based on trends and developments within the industry. Qua-vac reveals the top 3 civil engineering trends based on industry expertise and global data. This article focuses on green building, utilizing new technology and sustainable materials, and how Qua-vac responds to the trends.  

Green building  

The first trend is Green building and construction. Green building and sustainable construction are gaining traction in the industry, with evolving techniques and materials that reduce waste and energy consumption. Green buildings and sustainable construction are designed to minimize their negative impact on the environment, and their popularity is increasing due to growing environmental awareness. Investing in eco-friendly building techniques can reduce your carbon footprint, waste and energy, and maintenance costs.  

The Vacuflow® system is a sustainable alternative to the traditional sewage system. A vacuum sewerage system is fail-safe, a broken main, at worst, results in infiltration – never exfiltration. This means that there won’t be any pollution from the vacuum sewerage system. Next to this non-continuous slope allows shallow trenching to be used resulting in substantial excavation cost savings and reduced installation time, but also less effect on the earth.  

A vacuum sewerage system is flexible and has a vertical lift capability. This allows unforeseen obstruction but also allows Qua-vac to install a vacuum sewerage system in buildings where there are renovation plans or buildings that are converted into apartments. This way buildings are reusable and it’s not necessary to build a new building. 

Tech and Digitalization  

The second trend is Tech and Digitalization. The construction industry is transforming its relationship with technology. Historically, the sector has been slow to adopt innovations, but this is changing. Experts predict that this trend will unlock new possibilities. Companies need to invest time and effort to determine the best ways to incorporate digital technologies into their businesses.  

As the market continues to adapt to the world and economic trends, Qua- vac and its customers need to stay ahead of innovation. The Vacuflow® system is provided with the newest technology to monitor the vacuum sewer system. A sensor is integrated in the Vacuum Interface Valve and in this way, the system can be monitored. Vaculink is the one-stop solution for vacuum sewer management. All information about the vacuum pump station is visible with the possibility to log in from any place via computer, tablet, or smartphone. For each vacuum network, a unique geographical plan is made, showing pot location, behavior, and eventual alarm notification.  

Sustainable materials  

The third trend is using sustainable materials. One of the most popular trends in building is the incorporation of sustainable materials. Using sustainable materials can significantly reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. The products often require less maintenance than traditional materials, resulting in long-term savings. Furthermore, sustainable materials typically have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional building materials, making them a more eco-friendly option for construction projects.  

Qua-vac believes that it’s important to integrate sustainability into the company. Therefore Qua-vac uses HDPE pipes because they are sustainable and an environmentally responsible choice. Next to this, these pipes are completely recyclable and can be used in manufacturing plastic products. 

About Qua-vac  

With more than 50 years of experience, Qua-vac is a leading expert in sustainable vacuum technology and wastewater collection. We have divided our experience into three divisions: Infra, Marine, and building. Our mission is to transport and collect wastewater through sustainable vacuum sewage systems and new sanitation, worldwide. Qua-vac is the one-stop shop for all vacuum sewage and waste systems.  

Qua-vac is the exclusive and official distributor of Evac Oy Benelux. Evac Oy is the world leader in sustainable wastewater treatment systems for the marine.