Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution
Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution


Qua-vac is the leading supplier when it comes to vacuum wastewater systems. With a wide range of solutions, products and technologies we are the one-stop shop for the entire construction sector.

Applicable in all types of construction

  • Office buildings and universities
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Supermarkets and department stores
  • Judicial institutions
  • Hotels and recreation
  • New construction and renovations
  • High traffic areas
Vacuum wastewater systems for buildings
Vacuum condensation water collection system for supermarkets and department stores

Supermarkets and department stores

Our vacuum condensation water collection system is a cost effective, simple and flexible alternative for the conversion of supermarkets, department stores and warehouses. With short construction times, little impact and lots of freedom and flexibility any marketing strategy and store layout can easily be implemented on location.

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