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Marine Products

As exclusive and official distributor of Evac Oy Benelux, Qua-vac deliveres a wide range of sustainable products in waste treatment. Especially designed for and widely applied within the whole Marine sector.

Vacuum collection

Qua-vac deliveres custom made vacuum systems, specially designed for the Marine sector. Our systems are reliable, flexible, cost efficient and easy to install at both new constructions as well as refurbishments. Our vacuum systems collects both gray water (douche and sink) as black water (toilet). Evac vacuum toilets save over 80% of water per flush and are the quietest on the market.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment systems seperate and neutralize wastewater, to comply with national and international legislation. We deliver biological land electrolytic wastewater treatment plants that refine black and gray, as well as grease separators to seperate grease from kitchen and galley wastewater. These systems are especially suitable for naval applications, offshore vessels and platforms.

Dry and wet waste management

Evac’s dry and wet waste systems manage mixed or recyclable waste (including food waste, cardboard, glass, wood, aluminium and plastics) in a way that is safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The solutions reduce the volume of waste through compaction, shredding and burning. Our portfolio includes compaction equipment, glass crushers and incinerators – all designed with cost-effective installation and maintenance in mind.