Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution
Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution


From start to finish: integrated water and waste management systems, for ships and offshore applications. Qua-vac significantly reduces your environmental impact with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Collecting, compressing and treatment of waste

Qua-vac is the official and exclusive distributor of Evac Oy in the Benelux, worldwide market leader in sustainable maritime waste management systems.

Our systems are installed on all types of vessels; superyachts, Rhine cruise vessels, cargo ships and special vessels.

Evac Oy water and waste management for marine system

High quality solutions for waste processing

From food crushers and shredders, to wastewater plants, wastewater treatment and vacuum (toilet) systems. Qua-vac offers a wide range of various sustainable solutions and products with a high ease of use and easy maintenance. These solutions can often be designed and delivered as required, so it can be used in the many situations.

Sustainable vacuum toilet systems for marine

Extensive service package

Qua-vac is ISO 9001 certified and meets local requirements, such as VCA-VOL and NEN. In addition to diversity in products, Qua-vac provides an extensive service package.

  • Installation and start-up
  • Service (contracts) and repair
  • Engineering and technical support
  • Upgrading and installing components and programs
  • Spare parts and replacement parts
  • Analysis of on-board systems
  • Tailor-made training on location
Food residual waste collection unit

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