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Qua-vac installed a sustainable solution for wastewater treatment on the MS VIVA TWO

Scylla AG launches a new cruise ship, the MS VIVA TWO. For the 35th time, Qua-vac delivers the complete vacuum- and wastewater treatment systems and vacuum toilets to Scylla AG. All products on board are installed by Klimaatservice Holland B.V.

The MS VIVA TWO is the second new-build ship from VIVA Cruises and has a length of 135 meters. The new cruise ship has 95 cabins where up to 190 passengers can enjoy their stay on board. The MS VIVA TWO has been assessed to prove its dedication to high quality, safety, and environmental standards. The ship is certified with the Green Award which demonstrates that the MS VIVA TWO complies to all measurements to protect the environment.

Cruise ships are dealing with the challenge of efficient waste treatment. Qua-vac helps customers find sustainable solutions for water and waste management on board. With the products of Evac, Qua-vac delivers custom-made vacuum systems, specially designed for the Marine sector. With the wastewater treatment systems on board, the MS VIVA TWO can separate and neutralize wastewater, to comply with national and international legislation, like the ROS-R. The system manages mixed or recyclable waste in a way that is safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. The solutions Qua-vac installs are reducing the volume of waste through compaction, shredding, and burning. This way Qua-vac helps optimize the footprint of the MS VIVA TWO.

About Qua-vac

With more than 50 years of experience, Qua-vac is a leading expert in sustainable vacuum technology and wastewater collection. We have divided our experience into three divisions: Infra, Marine, and building. Our mission is to transport and collect wastewater through sustainable vacuum sewage systems and new sanitation, worldwide. Qua-vac is the one-stop shop for all vacuum sewage and waste systems.

Qua-vac is the exclusive and official distributor of Evac Oy Benelux. Evac Oy is a world leader in sustainable wastewater treatment systems for the marine.