Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution
Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution

The Qua-vac condensation water collection system is a flexible solution for the collection and transport of condensation water and other water flows, specially designed for supermarkets.

It is a durable and cost effective alternative with wide applications. The system can be installed with quick and easy and refrigeration as well as freezer units can easily be relocated during a conversion of the supermarket.

A system with only advantages

  • Small renovation with low impact
  • No cutting or demolition work in floors
  • Store layout can be easily changed afterwards
  • Drainage runs through the ceiling (up to 6 meters high)
  • Quick installation
  • Small pipe diameters

The flexibility of vacuum

A vacuum condensation water collection system offers countless options in flexibility. It is applicable for many locations making it no problem if the supermarket is, for example, located above a parking garage or in a building with multiple tenants.

Store layout can be changed quickly, safely and cleanly without having to close the store. Cost effective with as little impact as possible!

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