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Qua-vac installs ‘the next generation’ wastewater treatment unit in the Amadeus Princess

Qua-vac implements the wastewater treatment solution for Lüftner Cruises. From now on, this unit will be used to separate and neutralize the wastewater to comply with all national and international legislation.

The Amadeus Princess is a river cruise ship, built for Lüftner Cruises. Lüftner Cruises is a family-owned company that exists for over 40 years and owns a fleet of 14 Amadeus river cruises. The Amadeus Princess had her maiden voyage in 2006 and has a length of 110 meters.

In 2005, Qua-vac installed the solution for wastewater treatment and vacuum toilets on board of the Amadeus Princes according to the then-valid legislation. The vacuum system is specially designed for the marine and collects both gray and black wastewater on board of the river cruise ship. Although these systems will last a ship’s lifetime, Qua-vac carried out a refit on the wastewater treatment unit. Due to changing legislation, it was important to install an addition to the current vacuum sewerage system on board. The effluent tank ensures that only clean water ends up in the river water.

About Qua-vac

With more than 50 years of experience, Qua-vac is a leading expert in sustainable vacuum technology and wastewater collection. We have divided our experience into three divisions: Infra, Marine, and building. Our mission is to transport and collect wastewater through sustainable vacuum sewage systems and new sanitation, worldwide. Qua-vac is the one-stop shop for all vacuum sewage and waste systems.

Qua-vac is the exclusive and official distributor of Evac Oy Benelux. Evac Oy is the world leader in sustainable wastewater treatment systems for the marine.