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Scylla AG 50 years

Our Partner Scylla AG is celebrating it’s 50 years anniversary! Scylla AG is a family-owned company and was founded in 1973. For the past 50 years Scylla AG is building new ships every year and has become a pioneer in the sector. The fleet consists of 30 ships that excel in technology, design and quality.  

For over 35 years, Qua-vac provides Scylla AG with the best systems on their ships; from installing new vacuum systems to refurbishing existing systems. Qua-vac offers the solution for wastewater treatment on board. With an extensive selection of products, specially designed for the marine industry by Evac Oy, Qua-vac offers sustainable solutions on board. The products are easy to use and to maintain.  

Qua-vac believes the key to strong partnerships is teamwork, innovation and passion. When Scylla AG is facing a challenge while building new ships, Qua-vac is always able to provide a well-thought-out solution with the products from Evac Oy. 

On board of the MS VIVA TWO Qua-vac and Scylla AG celebrated the 50 years anniversary of Scylla AG and the longterm partnership between the companies. Together with a team of specialists from klimaatservice we are able to deliver the best service to Scylla AG.   

About Qua-vac  

With more than 50 years of experience, Qua-vac is a leading expert in sustainable vacuum technology and wastewater collections. We have devided our experience into three devisions: Infra, Marine and building. Our mission is to transport and collect wastewater through sustainable vacuum sewage systems and new sanitation, worldwide. Qua-vac is the one-stop shop for all vacuum sewage and waste systems.  

Qua-vac is the exclusive and official distributor of Evac Oy Benelux. Evac Oy is world leader in sustainable wastewater treatment systems for the marine.