At Qua-vac we design, produce and deliver environmental friendly vacuum sewerage systems for wastewater treatment. In addition we deliver a wide range of sustainable products, specially designed for transporting, storing and treatment of several kinds of waste.

Vacuflow® – sustainable and efficient

Qua-vac has been the absolute specialist when it comes to development of sustainable vacuum technology for more than 50 years. Our trademark is called Vacuflow®.

The vacuum system is perfect for a wide range of applications, particularly where expensive and big construction work is to be avoided.

Our vacuum system can be expand with Vaculink. The online sewerage management tool,  always accurate and 24/7 easily accesible.

Vacuflow® – sustainable and efficient

Sustainable solutions for Marine

Qua-vac is official and exclusive distributor of Evac Oy in the Benelux, worldwide market leader in sustainable maritime waste management systems.

From vacuum collection to dry and wet waste treatment. Our vacuum toilets are quiet and achieve a saving of 80% water per flush. It saves millions of cubic meters on drinking water that will not be polluted.

Sustainable solutions for Marine toilet
New sanitation installation

Leading in new sanition

New sanitation is an important matter these days. More and more companies act on this by building new concepts with complete sustainable visions.

With a diverse range of solutions, products and technologies we are one-stop shop for the whole building market. We offer sustainable vacuum solutions for houses and buildings, as well as flexible vacuum condensation systems for supermarkets and department stores.

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