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What does a vacuum sewer consist of?

Our Vacuflow® system offers the best solution for the collection of wastewater. It incorporates key components, including a collection chamber with an interface unit, vacuum piping, a vacuum station, and an odor filter, making it suitable for various applications. In this article, we’ll dive into the essential components of a vacuum sewer system.

Collection chamber

The first component of the vacuum sewer system is the collection chamber. Sewage flows by gravity into this chamber, where it is temporarily stored. This collection chamber not only holds the sewage but also has a reserve storage capacity for peak usage times. It serves as the initial point of gathering wastewater before its transportation to the system. The collection chamber is equipped with an interface unit.

Interface unit

The second component is the interface unit. When the sewage level inside the collection chamber reaches a certain level, the Vacuflow® valve is opened by the starter valve on the float mechanism. The collected wastewater is transported simultaneously with air out of the collection chamber into the vacuum piping network to the vacuum station.

Vacuum piping network

The third component is the vacuum piping network. The vacuum piping network consists of small-diameter pipes. By utilizing the power of a vacuum, the system ensures a smooth flow of sewage through the network. This method eliminates the need for complex and costly downhill slopes, making it suitable for various terrains.

Vacuum station

The fourth component is the vacuum station. The vacuum station acts as the central point of the sewer system. It generates the necessary vacuum pressure to facilitate the movement of sewage and air through the network. The vacuum pumps activate once a preset vacuum level is reached to maintain the right level of vacuum in the vacuum system. The wastewater is transported through the vacuum piping into the vacuum station. The sewage discharge pumps transfer the wastewater from the vacuum station to a wastewater treatment plant where the water is treated.

Odor filter in the vacuum station

The fifth component is the odor filter in the vacuum station. The odor filter minimizes odor concerns from the vacuum station. An odor filter is integrated into the system to capture and neutralize any unpleasant smells, ensuring that the surrounding environment remains clean and free from unwanted odors.

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