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Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution
Guaranteed Environment-Friendly Solution

Vacuum valve

The vacuum valve plays a vital role in the management of wastewater. When the level of the sewage inside the collection chamber rises, the vacuum valve activates. Learn more about the vacuum valve and how it is one of the main features of our Vacuflow® system.

Key features vacuum valve

  • Certified according EN16932-3 (Lloyd’s register)
  • Made from high quality materials (SS316, EPDM, POM, PVC)
  • Capacity 250 L/min
  • Valve body quick and easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Each valve is tested in the factory
  • Complete station and valve monitoring
  • Can function, even when fully submersed
Collection Chamber

What does a vacuum valve do?

A vacuum valve is a crucial component of the vacuum sewer system. It plays a vital role in managing the flow of wastewater. The vacuum valve is designed to control the pressure and flow.

When the water inside the collection chamber rises. The vacuum valve opens, the vacuum valve is with sensor mounted in the collection chamber.


We are ISO-9001 certified as a company. The 63 mm and 90 mm vacuum valve are certified according EN16932-3 (Lloyds register).

ISO 9001 Certification

Technical Information

63 mm vacuum valve

  • Sewage flow: 1L/min
  • Filling time: 100 min before valve activates
  • Sewage flow: 15L/min
  • Filling time: ca. 6,7 min
  • 63 mm valve is 10 to 15 seconds open
  • 63 mm valve can remove 150-250L/min

90 mm vacuum valve

  • Sewage flow: 15L/min
  • Filling time: 7,7 min
  • Sewage flow: 50L/min
  • Filling time: 2 min
  • 90 mm valve is 6 to 8 seconds open
  • 90 mm valve can handle 250 – 450 L/min

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