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The cost-saving benefits of vacuum sewer systems

In recent years, traditional gravity sewer systems have faced several challenges, including rising costs of installation, maintenance, and repairs. As a result, many municipalities and organizations have turned to innovative alternatives, such as vacuum sewer systems, to overcome these challenges. This blog explores the cost-saving benefits of using the Vacuflow® system.


Using a vacuum sewer system offers numerous cost-saving advantages for municipalities and communities. Lower installation costs, reduced maintenance expenses, efficient water usage, and flexibility are the reason why a vacuum sewer system is the best option when it comes to wastewater management.

Lower installation costs

One of the significant advantages of the Vacuflow® system is the lower installation costs compared to traditional gravity systems. Vacuum systems require smaller and shallower pipes, reducing the need for extensive trenching and excavation work. This streamlined installation process translates into significant cost savings for communities, as fewer resources are required for labor, equipment, and materials.

Reduced maintenance expenses

The Vacuflow® system offers substantial savings in terms of maintenance expenses. Traditional gravity systems often face issues such as infiltration, and leaks, which require frequent maintenance and repairs. Vacuum sewer systems, on the other hand, utilize a closed network with controlled vacuum pressure, minimizing the occurrence of blockages and reducing the need for regular maintenance. This leads to fewer maintenance visits and lower labour costs.

Flexibility and scalability

Vacuum sewer systems offer flexibility and scalability, enabling cost-effective expansion as communities grow. Traditional gravity systems often require extensive and costly infrastructure modifications to accommodate increased wastewater flow. In contrast, vacuum systems can easily adapt to changing demands. This flexibility not only reduces initial investment costs but also allows communities to save on future expansion or upgrading projects.

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