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How does the collection chamber work?

In a vacuum sewer system, the collection chamber serves as a key component for the proper management of wastewater. Here is an overview of the operation of a collection chamber.

Overview of the collection chamber

Wastewater, generated from households or other sources, such as office buildings or schools, enters the collection chamber by gravity. The chamber is designed to contain the wastewater until it reaches a specific level. Within the collection chamber, there is a Vacuflow® valve that controls the flow of wastewater and air. Initially, the valve remains closed, ensuring that the wastewater remains within the chamber.

Entry of wastewater into the collection chamber

Once the wastewater reaches the starting level, a float mechanism in the chamber activates the starter valve. This, in turn, opens the Vacuflow® valve, allowing the wastewater and air to be transported out of the collection chamber.

Activation and transport process

The wastewater, along with the air, is transported through the vacuum piping network. This network connects the collection chamber to the vacuum station, where the next process takes place.

From chamber to vacuum station

As the wastewater is extracted from the collection chamber, it reaches a stop level. When it reaches the stop level, the float mechanism triggers the Vacuflow® valve to close.

Managing the start and stop levels

With the Vacuflow® valve closed, the collection chamber is sealed again, preventing any backflow or leakage of wastewater. The process then repeats as wastewater continues to enter the system and flow into the collection chamber.

Ensuring efficiency in wastewater management

By effectively managing the flow of wastewater and air, the collection chamber ensures the efficient transport of wastewater to the vacuum station, contributing to the overall functionality and effectiveness of the vacuum sewer system.

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