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Discover the ideal locations for installing a vacuum sewer system

A vacuum sewer system is perfect for a wide range of applications, especially in areas where expensive and big construction work and space limitations are prominent factors. The adaptability to flat terrains with high groundwater tables, coastal areas, rocky landscapes, environmentally sensitive zones, islands, and locations with limited installation space makes vacuum sewer systems a solution for wastewater management challenges. Using a vacuum sewer system can achieve cost-effective and efficient wastewater management while minimizing the impact on the environment and local infrastructure.

Flat areas with high groundwater tables

The Vacuflow® system is a perfect option for applications with flat terrains and high groundwater tables. Traditional gravity sewer systems might struggle in such areas due to limitations in elevation changes. The Vacuflow® system, on the other hand, operate effectively in flat areas with high groundwater tables because of the flexibility of the system.

Coastal and seaside areas

Coastal and seaside areas often present unique challenges for sewage infrastructure. The risk of contamination makes among other things traditional sewer systems complicated to implement. Vacuum sewer systems, however, can be easily installed because of the small-diameter pipes, and no deep trenches are needed. Next to this, there is no risk of ground pollution.

Environmentally sensitive areas

The Vacuflow® system preserves delicate ecosystems, buildings, or the environment and minimizes environmental impact. Vacuum sewer systems are sustainable and suitable for environmentally sensitive areas. The system minimizes environmental disturbances, reduces the risk of contamination, and requires less excavation, making it a preferred choice in areas where environmental preservation is crucial.

Rocky terrain

Areas characterized by rocky landscapes pose a significant challenge for traditional sewer systems that necessitate extensive excavation. The Vacuflow® system circumvents the need for such labour-intensive work. By using a network of vacuum pipes, wastewater can be easily transported even on rocky terrains, minimizing disruption to the landscape.

Islands and artificial islands

Islands, whether natural or artificial, often encounter logistical issues when implementing traditional sewer systems due to the need for big underwater pipes or expensive connections. Vacuum sewer systems provide a cost-effective and practical solution for wastewater management on islands.

Limited installation space

In areas with limited space for large-scale infrastructure projects, vacuum sewer systems are the best option. The small-diameter pipes require less space compared to traditional sewer systems.

Remote or challenging areas

In remote or challenging terrains where accessibility is limited, the installation of traditional sewer systems becomes time-consuming and expensive. Vacuum sewer systems can be easily installed, requiring less heavy construction and minimizing disruption to its surroundings.

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