Vacuum sewer system for wastewater management in Øster Hurup in Denmark.

Øster Hurup is a coastal village in Denmark. With its sandy beach and summer houses, it’s a popular holiday destination. Due to the coastal location and limited electricity availability, traditional methods for wastewater management were impossible. Besides that, the use of septic tanks made it impossible to collect wastewater for water treatment.


Øster Hurup is located on the eastern coast of Denmark. Øster Hurup is a small seaside village in the municipality of Mariage Fjord. This village has become a popular destination for locals and tourists. One of the main highlights of Øster Hurup is its sandy beach, stretching for several kilometers. Because of this Øster Hurup is a place with a lot of summer houses.


These summer houses required the use of a septic tank for wastewater management. However, the water treatment plant and the municipality wanted to collect the wastewater for treatment at the central facility. Because Øster Hurup is a coastal location and there is limited availability of electricity and high-level water, conventional methods such as gravity or press sewers are not viable options.


The Vacuflow® system offers a compelling solution to these challenges. A vacuum sewer system eliminates the need for deep trenches and installation below the groundwater level. Next to this, the collection chambers from a vacuum sewer system don’t need electricity. Only the vacuum station needs electricity to streamline the overall system. By selecting a vacuum sewer system as a solution, summer house owners and the local community benefit from a range of advantages. These include efficient wastewater collection and transport, reduced environmental impact, and significantly less maintenance and operational costs.

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