Vacuum sewer system as a sustainable alternative in Zeewolde

Zeewolde is a city established on reclaimed land from the former Zuiderzee. Among others, the municipality is committed to a sustainable living environment. This is one of the reasons why they decided to explore more alternative options for a traditional sewer system.


Zeewolde is a municipality located in the heart of the Netherlands, nestled between the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Almere. The town was established in the late 20th century on reclaimed land from the former Zuiderzee, a large inland sea.


The municipality of Zeewolde and the Zuiderzeeland Water Board are committed to sustainable practices. They aim for a sustainable living environment, incorporating climate-adaptive building and development for the future, while also focusing on a more sustainable and energy-efficient approach to sewage infrastructure. The municipality decided to explore more alternative options for a traditional sewer system. They opted for a new system: a vacuum sewerage system. The system offers several advantages in terms of sustainability and energy conservation, for example, a vacuum sewerage system only uses electricity in the vacuum station.


By opting for the Vacuflow® system, the municipality of Zeewolde demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and reducing ecological impact. The Vacuflow® system requires lower energy consumption compared to traditional gravity systems. The energy needed to generate the vacuum and transport the sewage is much lower than the energy required to pump wastewater in gravity systems. Vacuum sewerage systems are flexible and can be easily adapted to different terrains and environments. This adaptability reduces the need for extensive excavation and land disturbance, minimizing the environmental impact during installation.

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