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How does a vacuum sewer system work

A vacuum sewerage system is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution for sewerage disposal. It offers a simpler and more cost-effective alternative to conventional sewerage systems, making construction and installation easier and cheaper. The Vacuflow® system requires minimal maintenance and operates within a closed and leak-proof vacuum network, preventing any sewage from escaping and polluting the surrounding areas.

The Vacuflow® system consists of several components, including house gravity connections, a collection chamber with an interface unit, a vacuum connection, vacuum piping, a vacuum station, an odor filter, and rising mains. These elements work in harmony to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

To understand how the vacuum sewerage system works, let’s delve into its operational process. Initially, sewage flows by gravity into a collection chamber, where it is temporarily stored. When the sewage level in the collection chamber rises, a starter valve triggers the opening of the vacuum piston valve. This allows the sewage, along with air, to be drained into the vacuum network, where it’s been transported to a vacuum station. All the sewage, from multiple collection chambers, is stored in a large tank and eventually transported further to a wastewater treatment plant by pressurized pumps. An advantage of this system is that multiple properties can be connected to one single collection chamber, enhancing its efficiency.

One notable feature of the Vacuflow® system is the inclusion of the collection chamber, which acts as an additional safeguard. In the event of a power failure, the collection chamber provides reserve storage capacity for approximately 24 hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation. This system is particularly beneficial for projects requiring numerous connections and a high flow capacity. For example, it has proven successful in projects where 1,500 houses are connected to the vacuum sewerage system.

The Vacuflow® system is ideal for various applications, particularly in flat areas with high groundwater tables, seaside areas, environmentally sensitive areas, rocky terrains, islands, artificial islands, and locations with limited space for traditional sewerage system installations. Its reliable performance and efficiency make it a preferred choice for managing sewage disposal effectively and sustainably.

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How does a vacuum sewer system work?